Saturday, December 14, 2013

New York

“I really like the solitude of New York, and the people. It’s a city that allows you to have both people and solitude. In other places, you suffer the people or you suffer the solitude, and both are terrible. But New York allows you that equilibrium: you write, you mix with the multitudes, leave them, jump back in. Still, I don’t know where I can settle. I really don’t know. It’s something that worries me a lot, and surely I’m never going to find the place. But that’s the way it goes.”
-Reinaldo Arenas

Monday, December 02, 2013


A lo lejos un perro con ojos de gaviota
Ladra su voz de luna
A los barcos fenicios hundidos en la noche
A viejos galeones
Tal vez a un mástil roto que regresa en el tiempo
A lo lejos un perro me mira con tristeza
Y el mar se encaracola de violeta profundo
Y estoy solo…
-José Manuel Solá
(Incandescentes pájaros, abrace, 43)