Monday, July 25, 2016

One hundred and eight years ago the "land of the free" invaded the island where I was born, took it from Spain and made it their colony, and when the UN said colonies were not cool anymore, they made it a Hollywood star and said it was no colony, it was a Commonwealth with its own sovereignty for God's sake (with the help of local politicians)!!.

Hooreeey!!! Ching, ching pic, pic! PR was all that Cuba wasn't after Fidel! Ching, ching, pic! pic! But Hollywood actors are persons full of make-up and now the US said "time to wash yourself, you do what we tell you to do". A named-junta or group of people will now decide over the elected government where the money should go in favor of bond holders to solve the economic crisis above the needs of the people living in the island. People who believed the Red Carpet walk are surprised, but many knew that we have been a colony of "the land of the free" since 1898 (118 effing years ago and counting), to the point that 38 years ago (also this exact day), two students who supported independence for the island, were framed and killed as terrorist, shot point blank on their knees on a fake terrorist attempt by the police while the pro-statehood governor proclaimed the killers as heroes. There was nothing on their backpacks, no bombs, no guns, they died in the name of the USA, "the land of the free", just for believing that the island should also be free. No justice for them, along with the many killed under those 118 years who supported independence, but the USA still likes to say they are the land of the free and promote wars in the name of liberty while they have colonies (not only PR), have killed many that fought for freedom and still has imprisoned a Puertorrican political prisoner since 1981 (Oscar López Rivera). Freedom is not a word, is an ideal that we all need to support, for the USA, for the people living there, and for everyone in their respective countries. It is an Utopian statement, I know, but one to live by. "The land of the free" needs to be more than a slogan.

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